We're hiring


Other Echo has been live for almost a year now and we’re making some decent progress so we’re looking for additions to our team.

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Two months in


After two months online, we wanted to give a short update on the progress we made. And as our platform is carried by its Trainers, Students and Partners, we will keep you in the loop on what’s happening on and around Other Echo.

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Other Echo is available now


We are excited to announce that Other Echo launched today with a series of free and publicly available classes for curious and creative students to get acquainted with the platform. This means you can get to learn from the get-go and enrol for classes by the likes of Alberta Balsam, De Sluwe Vos, Eversines, Luna Ludmila, Kubus, Nomi $hanya, Nymfo, Polynation and Rachella Groen, as well as workshops by Certified Trainers and ambassadors from Ableton and LANDR.

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