Creating a live set using hardware

by Alberta Balsam



Electronica & Experimental


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This Workshop is about creating a live set.

Conceptually, how will you start the live set and what questions arise: How much improv, how much is made up on the fly, how should you prepare? Then how to connect everyone and what you should or could include in your setup and why. How do you give it this live and living character and have it be flexible? Staying structured. How to transfer from your Ableton Live project to a hardware live set. Sound and gain staging.

This workshop is brought to you by Jägermeister’s nightlife support project #SaveTheNight.


Straight from Rotterdam is Alberta Balsam: producer, live act and DJ. The sound of her productions is heavily rooted in IDM, experimental acid and pounding techno and electro. Classic drum machines are layered with intricate harmonies and 303 basslines.

Her live sets are a strictly hardware-based performance. The result is danceable, but never abandoning her lush and adventurous sound. While primarily focusing on live sets and productions, her DJ sets are characterized by eclectic and bold track selection, ranging from cold hard techno, throbbing electro and fuzzy acid to warm and dreamy ambient.

Alberta played live at events like Modular Festival, REC festival, Grasnapolsky Festival and ADE.



  • Headphones
  • Google Chrome (for the best video/audio experience)


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