Production techniques

by De Sluwe Vos



House & Techno


Small group (2 - 7)

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This Course consists of 6 lessons in total.

When I started out making music I was always searching for information about how other artist made their music. In particular, the Ableton Live projects of other artists gave me lots of insides in different ways to approach making music and creating sound in general.

In this class, I will give you an inside look into the process of making a track. We will talk about creating your own kick drums, mixing and blending drums, integrating ‘mistakes’, a bit of mastering and lots more. Besides lots of inside information, there will be some feedback sessions in which I will give feedback and some tips on one of your own tracks.

This course is made for an intermediate level and will be held in a small group (2 – 5 people)

Class overview
1. Kick and bassline
2. Choosing the right drum sounds
3. Integrating ‘happy accidents’
4. Arrangement
5. Mixdown
6. Mastering



De Sluwe Vos has made a remarkable impact on the scene these past few years. He’s the perfect example of how hard work pays off. And it is evident, watching one of his shows; De Sluwe Vos truly loves what he’s doing. This pure energy got him to play festivals like Pukkelpop and Glastonbury (Block9’s Genosys stage) while he also had gigs at Fuse (Brussels), DGTL (Barcelona) and Awakenings (Manchester) and multiple times at Pollerwiesen. During weekdays, he likes to stick to his studio equipment, which resulted in a remarkable analog live show, which was launched during ESNS and brought him exclusively to selected festivals like Lowlands, Down The Rabbit Hole and Drift.

He released the long-awaited EP on DGTL Records (including a collab with Sjamsjoedin and a Bambounou remix) with huge support from Dixon and Âme. And his music getting even more attention overseas with his latest EP on Who’s Susan.



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