What do all class types mean?

A Course is a series of consecutive classes spread across a longer period of time – for example, a weekly course that spans 5 weeks in total.
A Workshop is a one-time class.
A Mentorship means trainers can offer themselves up as mentors to guide students in their production process and workflow over a prolonged period of time.

What do all colors and shapes mean?

To distinct all classes from each other, we created a colour and form based visual identity in which we present all class variables. You can read more here.

Does everything take place online?

Yes, Other Echo lives solely online – and all classes take place through the LANDR Sessions video tool.

Are the classes actual livestreams or pre-recorded videos?

All classes are streamed live and direct, which ensures you as a student have the opportunity to interact with your Trainer and fellow Students, you can get answers to questions that pertain to your own situation and direct feedback on your productions.

Student — What experience level do I need to use Other Echo?

We offer classes for any experience level, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced producer. You can easily find which class suits your level on the class overview.

Student — What are my requirements to follow a class?

In general, we advise everyone to use headphones during classes for an optimal experience. Using Google Chrome is a requirement, as the tool we use to stream classes (LANDR Sessions) currently only works with Chrome. There could be class-specific requirements that are visible on the class page if applicable.

Student — Is there any way to preview a class?

Unfortunately not, but if you want to find out more please let us know. We’re happy to help you out!

Student — Is it possible to watch classes back after they've ended?

After the class, you’ll receive a link to rewatch the class for another two weeks.

Student — How can I pay for a class?

Currently, you can pay with your credit card or using iDeal. If you miss something, please let us know.

Trainer — What are the requirements to start teaching classes?

We don’t have certain or specific requirements for hosting a class. Our goal is to be a platform for everyone and to offer a broad mix of classes covering all direct or indirect aspects that relate to producing music – whether they pertain soft or hard skills.

Trainer — How can I become a Trainer?

Other Echo is a platform for everyone. If you would like to teach music production – or subjects that border to it, e.g., starting a record label or publishing – through either a Course, Workshop or Mentorship, just register using the ‘Become a Trainer’ page. As soon as you have registered, we will reach out. You can read more on the ‘Info for Trainers’ page. Please note: we will be adding trainers to the platform in phases to achieve a broad and varied mix. This means that there is no guarantee you will be added to the platform immediately.

What is the role of Other Echo?

In essence, Other Echo is a one-stop-shop learning community that provides trainers and students alike with the infrastructure they need to connect. Our platform facilitates a marketplace where both audiences can meet while taking care of the technical production, sales process and finances.

What is Other Echo's business model?

For every class that’s hosted through our platform, we take a small percentage of the revenue (20%) as our service fee. No strings attached. You can read more about our business model on the the ‘Info for Trainers‘ page.

How can I reach out if I have an idea or want to collaborate?

We’re open to all ideas and would love to hear what you’re thinking of. Please head on over to our Contact page to see how can you reach out to us.

What should I do if I have feedback or a question?

We aim to continuously improve our platform, so any feedback is much appreciated. If you have feedback or questions, head on over to our Contact page to see how can you reach out to us.

What if I don’t like a class I purchased or I have another complaint?

In case you have a complaint, you can submit it using our contact form. We take each complaint very seriously and aim to respond within 14 days. Please note that Other Echo is not responsible for the contents of classes. We strive to guarantee a base quality for any class that is hosted on the platform, but are solely responsible for connecting Students with Trainers and facilitating the tools to deliver and follow these classes. Nevertheless, we will do our utmost to find a suitable solution between the Student and the Trainer in case of demonstrable defects of the latter. You can read our complete Terms of Use here.

Where can I find the General Terms of Use?

You can read all General Terms of Use here. If you have a specific question, please reach out.

Haven’t found the answer to your question? Send it via our Contact page.