Other Echo is available now

Published: 30-03-2021
Author: Other Echo

We are excited to announce that Other Echo launched today with a series of free and publicly available classes for curious and creative students to get acquainted with the platform. This means you can get to learn from the get-go and enrol for classes by the likes of Alberta Balsam, De Sluwe Vos, Eversines, Luna Ludmila, Kubus, Nomi $hanya, Nymfo, Polynation and Rachella Groen, as well as Workshops by Certified Trainers and ambassadors from Ableton and LANDR.

In essence, Other Echo is a one-stop-shop learning community that provides trainers and students alike with the infrastructure they need to connect. It facilitates a marketplace where the two audiences can meet while we take care of the technical production, sales process and finances. Classes are streamed live and direct instead of pre-recorded and are hosted via LANDR Sessions, a designated video chat service for musicians. Artists and experienced producers who want to share their knowledge (both soft and hard skills) can register as a Trainer for Other Echo starting today. They are in full control when it comes to setting up the contents and pricing of their classes – whether they want to host a 30-minute mini-Workshop on sound design in hip hop, or an extended Course on mastering that spans several classes. 

Creative and curious students can begin improving their arrangements in dance music, follow basic live-set walkthroughs (templates, routing, external gear), learn how to create a track in Ableton Live using only one sample, find out how to create a great-sounding vocal chain and discover the art of sampling starting today – whether they make Drum ‘n Bass, RnB, House, Techno, Hip Hop, Trap, EDM or anything in between. 

If you want to start sharing your knowledge or teach music production or subjects that border on it – whether you want to host a 30-minute mini-Workshop on sound design in Hip Hop, an extended Course on starting a record label or a Mentorship in music production – you can register as a Trainer now.